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Sep 09, 2015
Aug 30, 2015

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Cradle to Career Alliance

Align and Engage for Student Achievement Cradle to Career

VISION: Education is Summit County’s highest priority.  The Summit County education system is rated the best in Ohio.

MISSION: To forge a strategic alliance - A Cradle to Career Alliance - to engage education stakeholders from across all sectors of the community to align resources and efforts behind research supported, data validated efforts which improve student outcomes along the education pipeline from preschool through college/career; paying particular attention to key transition points along this continuum where student success is critical to further educational advancement.

ROLE OF SEI: Through collaborative, collective impact efforts SEI functions as the backbone organization to lead and facilitate these engagement and action processes throughout Akron/Summit County.

SEI is the lead organization to convene and engage cross sector stakeholders to:

  • catalyze the community to forge an alliance to address  the challenges of improving educational outcomes
  • analyze data and set attainable, yet ambitious goals;
  • inform the greater community as well as cross sector network teams regarding the status of educational attainment and resulting community-wide education goals;
  • facilitate multiple network teams using uniform continuous improvement methodologies to identify and initiate high impact strategies to achieve the identified goals and benchmarks;
  • align community wide partners to join the Cradle to Career network team efforts;
  • report and publish community wide progress on the identified goals.

The success of this effort is dependent upon collective interest, investment and involvement of individuals, businesses, public and non-public K-12 schools, early childhood providers, universities, career training providers, and civic, non-profit, and philanthropy organizations across the community.

HOW: SEI serves as the backbone organization establishing and facilitating cross sector Network Benchmark Teams in six key transition areas in the “education pipeline”.  Each Network Benchmark Team develops smaller Tactical Teams (as needed) to identify, initiate, and execute initiatives to improve performance on agreed upon student outcome metrics.  SEI provides facilitation, technical assistance and research to support the Network and Tactical Teams.  SEI provides evaluation services for the initiatives, and if supported, facilitates alignment of additional resources through “Invitations to Act” to community partners in order to provide momentum to bring successful initiatives to scale.

The Education Pipeline and the Key Transition Points

Each Transition Point has a Network Benchmark Team

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